Movie Music

Although we are nowhere near having a locked picture edit, I have begun to explore possibilities for music. This is fun stuff. With original music, the film will really begin to define its tone and hone its ultimate effect on an audience. I like the idea of building a soundtrack of popular music, or at least already-produced music. This would be the soundtrack that I had in my head all along. But such a soundtrack can be limiting, and in some cases impossible. Licensing rights to well-known music can be insanely expensive so it really wasn't/isn't an option. Now, the idea of an original score gives me an opportunity to tailor the music to my film. Not only can I tailor it to the moments and the edit of the picture, but also the orchestration, the vibe, the vocals, etc. Each track can serve a specific purpose to what I need in the edit.

Music tends to be at the forefront of my mind in all stages of the filmmaking process. When I write, I listen to music or at least have specific songs in my head. I can even remember times when  I would be listening to my iPod while walking the streets of New York, get an idea, go home and write a new scene. On set, there were particular songs that I would play for actors and our cinematographer before certain scenes. Some of these songs became a means to direct the action without needing to articulate anything myself.  It can set the tone for a performance or the tempo of a camera move.

A while back,  I began talking with my longtime friends and fellow Kickstarter crowd-funders, Noah and Josh Lit. They are the talented team behind the former Oliver Future and the up-and-coming Noah and the MegaFauna. Noah and I have been kicking ideas back and forth for a few weeks now and are starting to move into laying down some demo tracks for us to test against the current cut of the film. Ultimately, the music will be orchestrated and mixed to the locked picture edit. For now, we are exploring possibilities, tones, sounds, instruments, etc.

While Noah and Josh have distinct tastes and styles, they are very eager to explore a wide range of genres to adequately cover all the bases of the film's musical needs. I'm not even sure what I want the music to sound like. It could go many different ways, but I'll certainly know it when I hear it (What a "bad director" thing to say.... "Bring me ideas and I shall choose!")

Noah recently sent me a little theme that I'm particularly excited about. It's the first idea that's been floated, so I'm  looking forward to what else they might have in store.  More on the music to come!