Meetings Abound

The screenplay for my movie, "Passing Harold Blumenthal", is finished. For the moment. After sending out drafts to various parties in pursuit of attaching producers and money to the project, I've begun meeting with any and everyone.

I am quickly learning that whether or not someone is interested in being a part of this project, it is always beneficial to meet in person and talk. If there is any shred relevance, I'll always push someone to meet and chat. Even if I know ahead of time that they are not interested in being a part of the project, there is always something to be gained. Often times, I leave the meeting having learned a great deal not only about the process of producing a film, but about my film in particular.

I have also developed a new policy of advice-seeking and fundraising: Never leave a meeting without a new lead. This is big. It is safe to assume that none of my initial contacts are going to be the answer to my prayers. Filmmaking just ain't that easy. However, I have to believe that at least one of them knows the person who would be the answer to my prayers. Or at the very least, knows the person who knows the person who would be. I am not a skilled fundraiser. But I know people who are. And that should be enough to get started.

The good news is that I have written a script that ensures I can make this movie on my own, if need be. I have developed enough contacts and earned enough favors that if months elapse and I have raised nothing, I can move into production myself with nothing but my camera, some friends, and my dog.

Watch Me Make [Insert title here]

My hope is that Watch Me Make a Movie can translate to any filmmaker for any film they set out to make.  From what I do right to what I do wrong, it should apply to any independent movie. But for now, we are talking about my movie. That's what we've been calling it thus far: My "movie", my "feature", my "script". It's high time we give it an actual title. After less thought then you'd expect, the title of my movie is....