Pittsburgh Press

After the premiere weekend in NYC, Alex and I drove to Pittsburgh for a screening at the Pittsburgh JFilm Festival. This is a bit of a homecoming for the two of us as we went to school here at Carnegie Mellon. In particular, Blumenthal  is screening at the Manor, the independent cinema we all used to go to as students.

Returning ten years later has been somewhat surreal. We went to campus yesterday to give a talk to the senior class in the School of Drama. We also had dinner with several faculty members and reminisced on our crazy college days. The return to school prompted a good deal of reflection on not only the filmmaking journey, but the journey to filmmaking. It's been terrific to come back and I'm excited to share the film with Pittsburgh tonight.

Today was full of press. This morning, Alex and I did a morning news show. I seem to be coming down with something, so that explains my "Old Man River" voice in this clip. Next, we did a little interview for this CNN/HLN "Road Warrior" series with the awesome Rebecca Baer. Rebecca is a supercool producer who saw Blumenthal in Atlanta and decided to profile me as I tour with festivals and promote the film through social media. She and her cameraman, Jeremy, have been following us around the 'Burgh filming us as we do everything. In fact, they are on their way down to my hotel room to film me writing this blog post.

After the HLN interview we zipped over to the South Side for an interview on NPR. This is where my baritone-sick voice really shined. Shone? We had a nice chat in front of the microphones and then drove to a spectacular burger joint. 

Screening in a few hours with a Q and A after. I'm having fun. Im also tired. We leave first thing in the morning tomorrow for a long day of travel.