Blumenthal at the UKJFF

ODEON-Swiss-Cottag_503 They say comedy doesn't translate overseas. That is the industry rule of thumb and a major consideration when studios and distributors make market projections for films. The logic (and statistical evidence) being that while drama is universal, comedy is fundamentally cultural. Ironically, it seems it is that very cultural thread of BLUMENTHAL is what might make it more universal than I had originally thought.

With our Jewish Film Festival tour now in full swing, we are learning that Jews anywhere can and will laugh at Jews from anywhere. The past week's screenings of Blumenthal in London were completely sold out. It was fascinating to hear the audiences spots of laughter throughout. In general the British audience seems to favor the subtler humor, and in some cases laughed at things that I had no idea were funny.

Seth at East Finchley


My wife sends me reviews of the film she finds online. The reviews from London have been awesome. I try not to focus on those things, because if you believe the good ones, you kind of have to believe the bad ones, too. My wife doesn't send those, but I'm sure there are some. She did, however, just sent me a little blurb she read on the Virgin Media site that I thought I'd share. It's less a review of the film and more a review of this blog and the overall process it chronicles. Have a look!