Blumenthal at San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

SFJFF33LOGO I'm pleased to announce that BLUMENTHAL will have its Northern California premiere at the 33rd San Francisco Jewish Film Festival. This is the first Jewish festival at for us to screen and we couldn't have asked for a better place. It is the oldest and largest Jewish-themed film festival with attendance numbering up to 30,000 people. Naturally, we are all very excited!

For those of you who haven't yet seen the film, you might be wondering what about the movie constitutes as "Jewish". I have, up till now, shied away from describing the film as "Jewish" mainly because I think that would be reductive and might narrow the audience. The fact is that is the film, like any other "Jewish" film, is really for everyone.

Here's the Jewish(est) spin on the film: BLUMENTHAL is about a Jewish family in New York in the wake of a relative's death. For many Jews, the loss of a family member can end up being a decidedly Jewish moment in their lives. It is a time where they are forced to confront their feelings of loss and must grapple with their emotions. That loss is the catalyst for much of the action in the story. Additionally, there are more socially relevant issues touched upon in the story such as interfaith relationships, hypocrisy between people's philosophy and actions, and self-loathing within a secular society.

I must confess, the above paragraph is the first time I've consciously gone through the Jewish elements of the film. Much of what transpires in the film is actually based on a very common dynamic of a show-business family. "Jewish" and "dysfunctional" sometimes go hand in hand in this New York arena which is where our story blossoms.

As we gear up to schedule a release of the film, the Jewish Film Festival circuit will be a key part of reaching the Jewish film-goers and cultivating that niche part of our audience. Anyone who knows anything about the movies or the movie industry knows that Jews love film. Almost every community in the country has their own annual festival, often with sold out screenings. We are thrilled to kick off the Jewish fests right. San Francisco, here we come!

Tickets and dates here.