New Fests! Distribution in the works! My Eyebrow!

The "New Fests" part is really just a tease. I said tease, not a lie. We have two really cool film festivals coming up at the end of the summer, but neither have announced their programming slates yet, so my lips must remain sealed for the time being. I should have more details soon. We are also in the midst of mapping out the details for our distribution model. As things develop, I can promise some juicy transparency throughout the process.


In other news, Jacob Salamon and his awesome Napkin Note Productions did nice little blurb about Blumenthal and  in addition to asking me why in the hell anyone would do things the way I'm doing them. There is also a smarmy portrait of yours truly exercising his eyebrow.

For those of you unfamiliar with Napkin Note, they are a cool little production company on a meteoric rise in the webisphere and in Hollywood. You've most likely  seen their viral video series Bubula, Please. If you haven't, it's hilarious. They even did a recent episode with BLUMENTHAL alumnus, Fred Melamed!