Since premiering Blumenthal in Santa Barbara, I've being doing some filmmaker interviews for various websites and film blogs. While I am always happy to talk about my movie, I really don't like to read what I say in these interviews.  Assuming the writer has given an accurate account of the interview, I tend to be redundant, inarticulate, long-winded, and redundant. Reading my answers to some of these questions, I think "Gee, that answer sounded fine when it came out of my mouth. But looking at it on the page, it doesn't make much sense at all."

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 2.14.25 PMSo I've been trying to pay closer attention during these (usually phone) conversations. I think that actually might be the problem, paying close attention. I'm always interested to hear the interviewer's thoughts on the film, and if they make some insightful observations I get sucked into their thoughts and opinions and forget what the original question was. Then then I start talking, but I'm thinking about something else already, wondering: Did the interviewer just tell me something about my film that didn't already know. And if I did know it, what did I mean by it? And if I didn't know it, how could I have missed it!

Anyway, good problems to have. Here's one of the more palatable interviews I've done posted by the good people at

More stuff in the pipeline. We are starting to get into the nitty gritty of getting our film out there beyond the festival circuit. Stay tuned!