NY Screening Awesome

Blumenthal Film - Seth Fisher I was a little nervous as to what the turnout would be at our East Village screening of Blumenthal this past weekend. I'd been extremely busy leading up to the event and I hadn't been as aggressive on the invites and social media promotions as I had originally intended. Add to that, the theatre we were screening in was huuuuge.

Myself and the rest of the cast arrived early for press photos on the second floor, so I wasn't able to see anyone coming in to the actual theatre downstairs on the main level. By the time the press stuff had wrapped up and I headed down for the screening, I was pleasantly surprised to find there was no where left for me to sit. In fact, they were bringing in folding chairs to accommodate more late-comers. Of course, the fatalist in me looked at the large audience and thought "Great. If these guys don't enjoy the movie, the silence in the theater will be that more deafening."

Not the case.

They responded beautifully and seemed to have a genuinely great time. Additionally, the vast majority of the audience were not friends or familiar faces, but rather strangers who were just interested in seeing a Scotsman play a Jewish New Yorker. Afterwards, we did a Q and A with me and the cast. I was thrilled at the response to the performances in the film. It was the first time for many of the actors to see the finished film, and it was awesome to see how pleased they were with the final product.


The response at the screening was beyond generous. I had an amazing conversation with legendary cinematographer Ed Lachman outside the theater that absolutely made my day. Most of the questions and comments I've received thus far on the film have been in relation to the script and the actors, so it was great to hear someone's reaction to the visual aspects of the movie. Zak and I put so much thought and work into the picture, and to hear the DP who shot Virgin Suicides compare your camera work to that of Gordon Willis (Manhattan, The Godfather) was just insane and humbling and I don't know what else.

A terrific day all around.