More Blumenthal! NY Premiere Set, Extra Screening Scheduled at Santa Barbara

20130209-131954.jpgFirst, I'm pleased to announce that BLUMENTHAL will be making its NY premiere at the inaugural First Time Fest. Hosted by the historic Players Club, the festival is a competition and mentorship comprising of only 12 films and supported by awesome talents like Darren Aronofsky, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Sofia Coppolla. Our movie will play the first weekend in March at the Lowes Village VII. More details to come!

In other news, due to popular demand, BLUMENTHAL will be screening an extra time I'm Santa Barbara this weekend. It will be at 2pm on Sunday the 10th at 2PM at the Riviera Theatre. Best of all, it's free! SBIFF does this every year as a 3rd Weekend treat intended for locals who avoided the last two weeks of madness that descended on their town. I will, unfortunately, not be able to attend. I will be there in spirit (and celluloid).

20130209-133227.jpg Festivals aside, we are still trying to nail down a sales rep for the film. We've recently received a good deal of interest from some cool companies, so hopefully we can set that up soon. For the uninitiated, a sales rep or sales agent is responsible for getting the film in front of distributors and ultimately negotiate the terms of a deal. Naturally, festival buzz and press in general will be key in our selling this film. Speaking of which, INDIEWIRE just published an interview we did a couple weeks ago. It's generous, to be sure. It also talks about WMMAM. Please "like" the article on Facebook and share with friends! This stuff goes a long way in promoting a small film like this.

More soon...