Screening #3

Like Us! To our surprise there was yet another long line of 10AMers wrapping around the theater on Sunday. Talk about commitment! I couldn't think of a worse time to go and watch a movie than a Sunday morning before I've had a chance to down my mimosa and Quiche. Nevertheless, the Barbarians (of Santa) filled up our theater to watch some BLUMENTHAL. Not our loudest audience to be sure, but they definitely stuck with it.

The Q and A was nice, too. A lot of people are asking how their friends could see the film and when we will have a distribution deal. The answer I give is the same message that I'll pass on to you all: Talk about the film! Seriously, tell your friends, like us on facebook, and repost the link to our trailer. All of this helps to generate buzz about the film and thus the demand for it. That demand is what ensures that BLUMENTHAL will eventually secure distribution so you all can see it. From the very beginning, this film has been helped along by its audience and now you are all more important than ever. Keep up the good work.

Back to the Q and A. One of the recurring questions that I get is about how we shot the Chinatown sequence. People want to know how we did it with no permit, without hurting anyone, and not getting arrested. Here is a repost from our Shooting Diary, Day 19 where you can see us ignoring traffic directions, almost kill a pedestrian, and fly right past a police car.

[vimeo 25700200 w=500 h=281]