SB Screening #2


I was initially bummed when I saw that our second and third screenings at Santa Barbara were in the morning. Specifically, our Wednesday showing. The last time I saw a movie at 10:00 AM on a weekday it was Tim Burton's Batman. I was eight years old and one of maybe ten people in the movie theater. With that as my frame of reference, my expectations for turnout were low. I told people it would be easy to get tickets and that if they wanted an easy day to catch BLUMENTHAL, Wednesday at 10am was it.

After speaking to a group of film students from Santa Barbara Community College, I strolled leisurely down State Street to meet Zak, Garrett, and Jesse for the screening. After realizing that the crowd was largely there for BLUMENTHAL, I smuggled Zak and a friend into the theater with me so we could save seats for the rest of the team. I had paced in the aisle throughout our first screening, so I thought I'd sit for this one...maybe even sleep. After people started pouring into the cinema, a festival coordinator walked up to us and said "Congrats. It's completely sold out." 

Eat that, Tim Burton.

The audience was awesome. Lots of laughs and lots of love during the Q and A. It's next to impossible for me to watch the movie now without agonizing over details outside of our control. Sometimes it's the contrast of the projector or sometimes it's the old woman walking out of the theater during the sex scene (what year is this?). Today, it was the fact that our film was inexplicably screening in stereo and not 5.1 surround sound. Oh well. No one seemed to care too much but me, so I wont dwell on it beyond this post.

Our final screening is this coming Sunday at 10:00 AM again. Yeah. Super Bowl Sunday. Go big or go home!