Watch Me Watch a Movie

Part Two... 7be15dbb9c8740662068b7a60c81463b103352f5-1359240422

Sold out. People turned away at the door. Me and the producers gave up our own seats to cram more people in. The lights went down, the festival sponsors' ads went up, and then HAROLD BLUMENTHAL SPEAKS! I need write a whole other post about how the whole world shuts up when Brian Cox opens his mouth to start off a movie.

The picture was there, the sound was there, and most importantly, the audience there. I had no interest in seeing a movie I've watched hundreds of times, believe me. But, I must confess that today was like the first time I'd ever seen it. It was pretty awesome. I don't know what more to say, other than that. Although we still have a ways to go with this thing on the festival circuit and distribution etc, this was the whole point: People crowding into a theatre, turning off the lights, blasting awesome music (thanks Noah and the Megafauna), and watching a movie. It's as simple and as sweet as that.

I'm tired and tipsy and producer Garrett and cinematographer Zak are still texting me. Here's to my awesome team!