Not So Fast

FastCheapGoodMy last post ended with a cute "not so fast". Now, all I can think is how not cute it was for me to end with those words. If none of this makes sense, please read the previous entry here. Yesterday, the guys in NYC screened our newly minted DCP in a super sweet screening room in Soho. Immediately after the screening, I received a phone call from co-producer Ryan Young. "Give me good news" instead of my usual hello. I was terrified that something might be wrong with the print. "It went great," Ryan said. "It looks great and sounds great."


"There was just one thing. In the climax of the movie, there's a sound issue."

"That's awful."

"It's not awful, you just can't hear the dialogue."

"So it's awful."

"No. Well. Just that part. Yeah."

"Can we fix it?"

"Sure. For about a thousand bucks."


I've talked about the golden triangle of filmmaking before, right? Fast, Cheap, and Good.  The only rule of the triangle is that you can only have two of these things at a time. If it's cheap and good, it takes a long time. If it's fast and cheap, it probably won't be good. you get the idea.

We are now in a position where we are one week away from our premiere on the other side of the country. We have to go back into the mixing theater, tweak the sound mix on the HDCAM SR, get the HDCAM SR to another post-house where they will create a new DCP, view it, and overnight it to Santa Barbara. We are in desperate need of Fast and Good. That means cheap is out of the question.

I shouldn't complain too much. It's not that expensive in the grand scheme of filmmaking, but for our movie, Garrett said it well: "That's like a whole day of shooting!"

There's no one to blame here. Well there is, but dammit I'm only human. I signed off on something and missed a part. It's done. It's over. I scrounged together some change and we're getting it done. In fact, it'll all work out for the best, because  it gives me an opportunity to tweak a few other minor spots I had in mind. After this, that's it though. I hope. Josh, Alex, and Ryan will tweak the mix on Monday, the DCP will be made Tuesday and Wednesday, and Santa Barbara will receive it on Thursday in time for their opening night on Friday.

There is no room for another "not so fast". We need fast now more than everFast and Good!