What's in a Name? - Title Change

We've done it! The new title of our film is Blumenthal. After months and months of everyone already referring to the film by the family name of its characters, it seemed like the right thing to do. It also pointed to the reality that the original title was proving to be a mouthful in cocktail conversations. I've been mulling over a title change since we were in production, so this decision has been percolating for a while now. While I liked the multi-level meaning of Passing Harold Blumenthal, it just never struck me as catchy or easy enough to say without prompting further questions from people. Someone also pointed out the Blumenthal would get alphabetical priority on all VOD menus. So that's a bonus.

I considered retroactively modifying the title throughout past posts on WatchMeMakeAMovie, but decided against it. The title change is part of the process, so I'll leave the posts as a true diary of the moment and leave them "as is" for posterity. Besides, I've often written "Blumenthal"  as a short-cut nickname for the film already.

So that's that. Nice and simple. Blumenthal.