Color Grading


It's been a busy week in New York with lots of exciting headway. First up after landing here, we went right into our first color session with Zak (DP) and Seth (Colorist). We spent a long day at Buck, a commercial post-house in Soho, sitting in the cool, dark room of the coloring suite. After so many months of editing, I can't tell you how good it feels to not be the guy sitting at the computer. Our colorist, Seth Ricart, is doing a terrific job with everything. As I discussed in an earlier blog post, final color for a film can do so much to set the tone for the movie as a whole and from what we are already starting to accomplish, the movie is developing really well.

Most of this first color session was about spotting trouble areas and marking any scenes that would likely need remedial work for color matching. After going through the film once, we then discussed overall looks. That means a lengthy conversation about saturation, contrast, hues, and temperatures. We also looked at several references which included movie stills, photographs, and even a random album cover painting.

We are in the last stages of defining the aesthetic for Passing Harold Blumenthal and I find the process to be very refreshing. When I wrote the screenplay over a year ago,  it was a story imagined and told on paper in only black and white. We used as much production design, costume design, and makeup as we could afford in order to control our palette, but when you shoot a small film in New York City, other elements of color sneak their way into the frame as you shoot. From green leaves of trees influencing the skin tones to the colorful accents of the city's streets, you are a slave to the palette of your environment. Luckily, with some careful skill, we can enhance or mute any color to suit the overall feel for the film.

The film is being colored on a DaVinci and VFX will be done in After Effects. We are sticking to planned workflow that we laid out several months back and so far everything has been beautifully streamlined. I'm back in NY in a few weeks for more color sessions and can't wait to see the progress. The rest of this NY trip has been all about sound mixing. In the meantime, we are beginning to prepare our sound media for editing, foley, and mixing. More on that to come....