A year ago, I wrote the first blog post for It was a minor effort that said very little. I had spent so many hours going through the technical setup of the site that when it finally came time to write something, I started with just a small introduction. It was a simple beginning to a journey I was determined to take. If that journey proved to not to be one of making a film, so be it. It would at least be a worthy attempt.  But even now that the movie is nearing completion, the word "trying" comes to mind often.

Of course the filmmaking process can be trying, but that is not the actual meaning that has been striking me. The kind of trying I am speaking of is that of the attempt.  From the very beginning, I have been trying one thing after another trying to write, trying to fundraise, trying to produce, trying to direct. The reason this has been on my mind as of late is that I look back on the whole process as just a matter of doing all these things. There were tasks before me and I executed them. Simple as that, right?  Well, at this one year anniversary of my chronicling the experience of my first feature film, I am reminded that these were actually all just attempts to do something I hadn't done before. I had no certainty that anything would ever get done. In fact, all I had was the worry that it wouldn't get done.

Well it did get done. So far.

Thanks for following along, everyone. There is still more to come. More obstacles, more work, more trying.