Quick Catch Up!

 The past three weeks have been a whirlwind of work and life. Amidst all of the scrambling to meet our first festival deadline, I picked up and moved to Los Angeles. Why not? The timing couldn't have been worse or better. Moving is never easy, but momentum is key and California marks a relevant step forward. There are still picture edits to be made as well as a polished title sequence and VFX.  After we lock picture, we will move into our color grade and sound mix.  For now, the next major task ahead is finishing up the score for Blumenthal. Conveniently, my composers are based in Los Angeles so the nitty gritty of working that out will be much easier than it has been. I'm incredibly excited about the music for this film. It blends the old with the new and rocks a terrific main theme. Noah and the Megafauna (helmed by brother songwriters Noah and Josh Lit) have created a unique sound that threads this crazy story together really well.

This month marks the beginning of film festival submission madness, so I'll definitely have a post on that topic soon. We've also been holding small screenings here and I've got plenty to share about that experience, too. Now that the heating and plumbing are working in my new place, I can get back into the groove of blogging to you good people!