Revving Up Again

A couple of days ago, we had a mini-production meeting for our remaining two shoot days. Specifically, we focused on our studio day coming. This coming week, will be on a small sound stage in Brooklyn to film several scenes in an interview setting. This will be a completely different vibe from the rest of the film, both creatively and logistically. The look will be simple and stark, with a deliberate  "TV" aesthetic. The logistics will be simple and clean, with a small crew of about ten or so people. The lighting setup will be basic, the camera will not move, and only one character will be seen.

The additional task for the day will be to shoot some staged stills of the character to be used in the film. This should be quick, simple, and fun. The real work will be done in Photoshop later on.

We've been planning our lives around this shoot day for many months now, so part of me can't believe that we are actually going to get there (knock on wood, please). After working for six weeks or so on the edit, I am desperate to integrate these remaining scenes to tie the whole story together. When writing and shooting the film, I never thought that this single day of shooting would be so essential to telling this story. The nice part of shooting these connective scenes after spending some time in the edit, is that I have a much clearer sense of what I need. I know what I'm after with the character and performance. Hopefully one day is enough to capture it. I think it will be plenty.

Beyond this upcoming shoot day, we are waiting on a location and date for the remaining tidbit scene for the film. All we need is a theatre with a stage and a set we can borrow for 2 hours. Some irons are in the fire, but we'll just have to see how things pan out. Beyond securing the time and place, this will be the simplest thing to shoot. More on that as I have it.