First Assembly

The past week has been busy with work, editing, syncing, and life in general. The hard work came to a head over the weekend when I powered through the last few scenes in my film and completed the first assembly. The hard part is over.

I sat down to watch the assembly after dinner last night. I initially thought I'd watch with a pen and paper and take thorough noted on any and all thoughts, but I quickly thought better of it. I knew it was a given that every scene would need to be revisited and re-edited, so why try and address the minutia this point? I decided to pay attention only to overall impressions. After all, that is really all that matters when someone asks a movie-goer, "What did you think of that movie?"

I was admittedly a little apprehensive, and wasn't really in the mood to watch a story I've already lived with for so many months. I felt like already knew the problems I had with this assembly and that I'd prefer to just jump in and shape it into a true rough cut. So I sat down, watched, and listened and was surprised at some of my reactions.

  • The story moves fast. Maybe too fast. Need to give the characters (and us) time to breath and enjoy the world of it.
  • We are still missing some of the biggest elements of the story (to be shot on our pickup day next month. Hard to judge certain things until that's in there.
  • I love the moments of silence. Silence can be funnier that dialogue.
  • Some characters need some shaping in the edit. SPecial consideration should be paid to what we learn about characters and when.
  • Overall, the film looks pretty slick. We squeezed a tremendous amount of production value into this otherwise tiny package.
So now the fun part begins. Within this imperfect assembly, there are the bones of my film. In some cases, bones will be swapped out for better ones, but the overall structure is there. Now, I can focus on shaping the content and deciding exactly how to present the story. The plan is to hammer out at least two legitimate cuts of the film before we shoot the missing scenes. From there, I will drop in the new stuff and do a general touch up. Lastly, I will run the edit by some editors who may have some worthwhile insight to any problem areas there may be. 
That's the plan. That's where I am. More soon!