Eyes and Ears

As  I mentioned before, I'm editing this film on my laptop. In this day and age that's actually not such a big deal as the average, recent Macbook Pro is more powerful than the Mac Pros of just a few years ago. That said, it's not ideal for editing a whole feature-length film. With the many windows in the editing software, a 15 inch screen gets cumbersome after a while. The two preview screens end up being not much bigger than an iPhone and it becomes tough to make informed decisions on takes, shots, focus, etc.  After a week of editing  under a microscope, I started searching for an external monitor. Short on funds but hungry for something big and pretty, I turned to Craigslist. I found someone in Brooklyn selling there like-new 24 inch Apple LED Display for not too much money. The gentleman selling the monitor was very nice and was actually a filmmaker, too. In fact, his first feature film screened at Sundance in 1999. Very cool. Bonus -  In light of this being my first feature film, he even knocked another $100 off the price.  Thanks, Morgan!

I lugged my new monitor home in a black garbage bag and set it on the floor of my apartment while I finished assembling a scene, too rushed to even set it up right away. Two hours later, Ryan showed up with some deliciously powerful speakers and a subwoofer. I finished the scene I was working on, and then we set up all the new equipment. What a difference.

I don't know how I was getting by before. The picture quality is terrific on the new monitor and the movie's sound is leagues better than I had originally thought.  I can now see/hear what I've been missing. Aside from the comfort and aesthetic, things have sped up a good deal now. I can spread the windows and workload across both monitors with my timeline, bins, viewer, canvas, and script all open at once. An added bonus is that this particular monitor powers the laptop when plugged in. Very clever.

Things are moving right along with the initial assembly. I'm hoping to be through this first effort sometime next week. From there, I will watch it, hate it, write notes, then tackle it from the beginning. I am editing this films the same way I wrote it, each pass is done from start to finish, each time revealing more and more detail.

That's the plan anyway. I'll let you know how that goes.