What to Say?


I'm having a tough time coming up with something worth blogging about. What can I say? I didn't make a movie today. After the past few weeks, a day spent not making a movie feels strange. I suppose this is the transition into post-production.

The technical game plan of post-production is in the works. As things start to develop and I get some momentum with the edit, I will keep you all up to date on the details. For now, the movie is sitting on two hard drives in two different locations. This little movie is trapped in there, waiting to be edited. It reminds me of that large storage facility in Ghostbusters that stores the ghosts. I guess this has a more positive connotation than that. Funny movie, though.

People have been asking, "How do you feel, Seth?" It's funny. I thought I'd feel a greater sense of accomplishment after wrapping. I do feel good. But I think "accomplishment" is a tough one to swallow right now. Finishing production is certainly a milestone, but the movie is still far from being done. We are making this movie not just to have made a movie, but so that people can ultimately watch it. Getting someone to feel something in the theater while watching it...now that sounds like an accomplishment.

Editing will be the final writing stage for me. I'm eager to see everything we captured from the script and everything extra that came up in the moment. Although we definitely shot the script as it was written, there is always a good deal that comes up fresh when shooting a scene.  Now that we have all of those little surprises, I'll have more to tackle in the edit.