Shooting Diary - One Day More

Although we wrapped principal photography yesterday, we still have this crazy day of shooting tomorrow. So today is really just a day off, not the day after wrapping a shoot. In fact, I'm not exactly sure why we aren't calling this principal photography. The basic idea is that we will be a bare bones crew with minimal resources stealing whatever shots we hadn't managed to get in our 18 day shoot. Don't get me wrong, this isn't just a day of shooting leftovers and B-roll. It will be a day of grueling steadicam sequences with an actor sprinting through Chinatown. In addition, there are two dialogue heavy scenes that will be shot around midtown. We have a call time of 6:00am and will be racing to squeeze in everything we need to get done in time for our wrap party in the evening.

Tomorrow night, my movie will be "in the can". For all intents and purposes, the story will have been captured and ready for editing. These are exciting times.

Here's a random video that I took of Zak and he took of me. We were on our 21st take of a one-shot scene and thought we'd roll some dolly videos. Essentially, I am watching him watch me watching him watch me make a movie. Enjoy.