Shooting Diary - Day 17

We wrapped our final Interior location today. Things went smoothly and the scenes were all lots of fun. We started slow, but had a relatively light day ahead of us. After lunch, I made a last-minute decision to cut a sequence from the movie. It was little more than a cute character sequence that most likely would have ended up on the editing room floor. At this point, I also just felt that it wasn't worth the added stress to squeeze it into the day. Tomorrow will be an all day exterior shoot as well as a grueling bonus day of Steadicam on Monday. I'm extremely exhausted today, so forgive the lack of detail. Alex just sent me this little video from some of our Jib shots yesterday. It's just a snippet, but something to consume nevertheless.


Tomorrow is our final day of official Principal Photography. I can't believe it. I still feel like there is so much left to shoot. There actually is a lot of remaining stuff to shoot. We have three large scenes to shoot on Monday with a pared-down crew as well as two scenes to be shot later this summer. Our wrap party is Monday night, so it's just around the corner. With only two real days left of the shoot, it's sort of like we're making a short film, only longer.