Shooting Diary - Day 16

Had a late call time this morning for 7:30am. Our location was also a short ten-minute walk from my apartment, so I appreciated the morning stroll with my coffee in hand. I arrived to Nicole's apartment to find it painted with furniture rearranged for the purpose of filming. I must say, for all of my reservations and fears about such a last-minute location loss, juggle, and swap, this worked out extremely well. The cast and crew were comfortable in the air-conditioned building and we had a huge balcony on which we could place lights and bounce boards very conveniently. The first half of the day was spent shooting inside the spacious kitchen. There were three scenes to knock out and we managed to get the two big ones done before lunch. This actually put us slightly behind schedule when we came back from lunch at 2:30pm. After stuffing my face with a hamburger from Five Guys, we plowed through the last bit of kitchen stuff within an hour.

Up next was our jib shot. A lot of planning has surrounded the implementation of the jib. For those of you who don't know, a jib is a sort of weighted see-saw that permits one to place and move a camera over an out-of-reach surface. We absolutely needed one for some overhead shots, and this was the day we had it. It ended up going remarkably smooth, with every crew member on point and the creative juices flowing.

For being in front of the camera all day, I'm rather pleased with the direction of scenes filmed today. So, before I think about it too much and change my mind, I'm off to bed.