Shooting Diary - Day 14

Too fried to write much today. We shot our Broadway Theatre interior today. Not such an easy task to light and film a 2,500 seat house with such a measly budget. We had to be resourceful, so Zak and Luis pulled off quite a few tricks. We needed a large, soft fill light for the actors who would be playing the scene while sitting in house seats. Instead of putting the lights we have to that purpose, we called on the actual theatre lights to help us out.

First, we lowered in the large white psych as well as all of the rails of instruments. We put blue gels on every other light and focused them towards the large white canvas at the back of the stage. We flew the lights up so that they were firing into the psych form a distance and ultimately creating a massive soft light source to illuminate the theatre. As these lights were connected to a house dimmer, we could easily control them from the light board while shooting.

Having established a decent exposure with no efforts from our "movie lights", we could use our few strong units to backlight from the back of the theatre. This way, we could have some terrific edging on the seats as well as a strong rim/hair light on the actors.

First up was a dolly shot of our main character, Saul, entering the vast space.

Form there we moved to a few different angles and then an overhead shot from the balcony. It took an eternity to set up the space, but once we were rolling it was fairly smooth.

After wrapping the theatre location we did a company move to shoot the exterior of a different theatre where our actor could walk into the lobby. After some patience with the sun (longest day of the year), we knocked off the three required shots for the scene and successfully wrapped Mark Blum for the entire picture. It's amazing to think that his life as this character is now over. I cannot wait to edit his performance together. There will be so much good stuff to choose from.

Because the day never ends, we squeezed in a phone conversation scene with me and my character Ethan. We stole the shot on 6th Avenue and West 44th Street. Free extras all around. Plenty of fun so long as they don't look into the camera.

Amidst all of this, we lost our final interior location. The apartment we had reserved for the last two days of the shoot fell through due to Co-Op boards being movie-hating fascists. We scrambled for alternatives all day and ultimately found a solution to the problem thanks to the resourcefulness of our Producer, Nicole Ansari.

The fun never ends and neither do the obstacles. Tired as ever, good night!