Shooting Diary - Day Off 2



I slept in till about 9:00am with some effort. I awoke three hours earlier but decided to close my eyes and make a concerted effort to capitalize on this opportunity to sleep. It was ok, I guess. Just not in much of a sleep pattern these days.

After a terrific morning of not directing a movie, I did some "movie work" and met up with the talented Mei Meloncon who is playing "Christina" in the film. She is in from Los Angeles and tomorrow is her first day of shooting. We met for coffee and ran through all of her scenes. Seeing as all but one of her scenes are with my character, "Ethan", it turned in to a full-fledged rehearsal for me, too.

This upcoming week will be exciting and fresh. The bulk of the week is covering a story line we haven't shot too much of yet. There will be a few new actors on set and some awesome new locations as well. Both tomorrow and Tuesday will feature big, inter-borough company moves midday. That means we will shoot one location in the morning, followed by a massive excursion over the East River to another location to film for the remainder of the day. Let's see how we do.

It's an early one tomorrow. Need to memorize and hit the hay.