Shooting Diary - Day 12

Day 12 begins like the rest of them. I wake up from what feels more like a long blink than a night's sleep. I am fresh from a "movie dream" where Brad is yelling at me to hurry up while I make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I snap out of it, shower, and shave (on camera again today). First location up is at Deluxe, a large post-production house in New York. I'm sure this is the first time a post-house is so instrumental in principal photography. My good man, Ryan Young has the hookup there, so we score it to shoot for two different locations. A big part of making a multi-location shoot affordable and schedule friendly is using one location as multiple ones. We shoot the first scene (casting office) and then move into the second scene (plastic surgeon's waiting room). I shoot with economy. One shot for each scene and we just roll takes till we nail it with camera and actors. We do it all in a timely fashion before packing up and doing a company move to Flatiron for an afternoon of exteriors.

By the time we land at the second location, we are officially on lunch break. I go to grab a bite with Robyn Rikoon, the actress playing Karen. This is really the only opportunity I have to rehearse with Robyn, so we run lines in between me stuffing a sandwich in my mouth. We nail the scene a few times and head back to get into costume.

I change on the street because trailers are expensive. People look at me, but hey, it's New York. I get dolled up with some makeup and head over to where we are shooting the scene on West 21st Street. Lunch has slowed everyone down. It takes forever to get everyone and everything set for the scene. Right as we are getting settled, the nearby construction crew tells us we have to move down the street. We don't argue because they're loud and ruin our sound anyway. We sneak in a few shots that don't require audio.

After a while, we hit our stride again (that'll teach us to eat lunch). We knock out multiple angles of the scene and then knock out a few more just in case. We finish the scene just early enough to squeeze in one side of coverage for a phone conversation scene. I don't know my lines for the scene, so I have Nicole call me on my phone and tell me what my lines are as I walk. You'd think that if you wrote the words, they'd be easier to remember. Not true. I don't even remember writing this scene, frankly.

Week 2 is wrapped. Laila Robins is wrapped. I'm quite sad about that. Sad to lose a terrific actress, but also sad that I've nothing more to capture for the major character that is Cheryl Blumenthal. That's it. It's in the can. Whatever is in there is what's going to be in this movie.

I suppose that's how I will continue to feel about everything as we move along. The process is long and the days are long, but it all still seems to happen in a flash. Even the sleeping happens faster than I'd like it to. Speaking of which...

The night draws to a close with a session of logging and blogging. Now to sleep!