Day Off

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I went to bed at 9:00pm sharp last night. I woke at 6:30am this morning feeling like a new man. After some french toast and coffee, I sat down to go through some footage from Week One. This has been the first day off since we started filming last Monday. But as you might expect, work has followed me home.

I've spent most of the day compiling a small collage of what we've shot thus far. Not a trailer or anything that exciting, but a simple edit of various shots to showcase some of what is already in the can. I'd like to have something to share with the cast and crew as we go into Week Two.

Going through what we've shot is equal parts exciting and stressful. I am not in the mindset to edit yet. It's hard for me to watch what I've shot when I haven't finished what I've started. Everything is looking absolutely gorgeous and the performances are smart, subtle, and incredibly funny. My team is definitely exceeding all expectations here.

As we move into this next week, there are some new things to look forward to. We are going to be shooting several different locations from day to day and I'm excited to have a constant change of "scenery" as opposed to camping at a single apartment all week. The flip side of this constant movement is that we will have less time to put down roots and get comfortable in any given location. Each day will bring new surprises and demands. As long as we can roll with the punches and just take it one shot at a time, I think we should be good.