Shooting Diary - Day 6

Day 6 feels a little different. We had an earlier call time today of 6:00am and we were shooting only exteriors. We woke up to coolish weather, which was a welcome change to the thickened heat of our West 9th Street interior location. However, the forecast predicted serious rainfall for most of the day, so we were ready to scramble at a moments notice. We pared down the crew for the day with no more than ten or so people on set. We brought the equipment truck and a fifteen passenger van to each of our three locations. From there, we would establish some form of "base camp" with a pop-up tent and cones to hold parking.

To hedge our bets on the weather for the day, we set our first scene of the day as one that didn't require any actors that weren't me and Alex. Under light sprinkles of rain, we hammered out a scene in Tribeca Park. We moved quickly and still managed to capture a terrific amount of coverage and have a great time doing it. Right as we were finishing the final insert for the morning's scene, rain drops began to fall. We all moved back to our base camp to load up and do a company move to the East Village where we would shoot three nearby exteriors with taxi cabs. We arrived amidst light drizzle and got settled before taking an early lunch. Seeing as it was Saturday, a few of us ducked into an actual restaurant for a quick "brunch". Meanwhile, the rain subsided.

After eggs and O.J. we only had our few no-dialogue scenes to catch, all incorporating a New York taxi cab. We hailed a cabbie and paid a fee and told him to leave the meter running.  The rest of the afternoon moved very quickly and smoothly. Once we had wrapped around 3:30pm, the trucks were packed and the footage logged on-site. After a slight scare of our media-managing laptop having connection issues, I made it home early enough to log footage and hopefully go through some of the past week's work.

It's great to have Week 1 done. We all feel a terrific sense of accomplishment to have conquered our first tricky location. More than a third of the film is now in the can and I'm eager to tackle the rest. Speaking of rest, I am eager to get some of that, too.

Here is a quick look back on our first week's main location and some of the obstacles we've faced.