Shooting Diary - Day 5

After a brief stint of sleep, we were up and at 'em again today. It was Day 5 of 18  for principal photography and our final day in our "Saul and Cheryl Apartment" location on West 9th Street. After a long and hard Day 4, I expected today to be a cakewalk. After a quick meeting with Brad and Zak, I sat down to review our shooting schedule for the day and make some notes for myself. There was plenty to do, but it all seemed very feasible with allotted time. The first and second shots up were long tracking shots, so it took a good while to get everything just so. To maximize the desired effect of the camera move, we placed a 4-foot camera slider on the dolly itself so that the camera could extend past the actors and pull back to reveal them in the frame. Did that make sense? Probably not. It looks great, anyhow.

We worked slowly the first half of the day, not meeting our target schedule before lunch. Brad and Zak didn't seem too concerned, so I gave myself some permission not to stress too much. We came back after lunch and hit it hard. Our actors were on point and the crew moved quickly to light ahead of each scene. We didn't have to skimp on takes and we even through in some dog inserts with a new dog. That's right, the other dog was let go. Or at least his owner was. Tough business, right?

We made our day with time to spare. It's hard to believe we managed to shoot every scene in the apartment within only five days. We were originally supposed to do it in six, so now we are ahead overall. Glad to be done with the first location. It was beautiful and served us well, but with all the heat, congestion, elevator construction, and angry neighbors, anything looks easy from now on. I'm sure there are plenty more tough days ahead of us, but I already feel like we've made it through some serious obstacles.

Here's a random snippet of us in Day 4. You'll notice the sun went down early, but our living room was still as bright as it was that morning.