Shooting Diary - Day 2

If yesterday was a "light" day to get us started. Today was most definitely a heavy one. We moved into one of our most used room for this location and it deserves every bit of camera time we can give it. The room is extremely cool. In fact, the inherent production value/design that this room brings was a huge selling point when choosing the location. After a tricky first day of avoiding angry co-op board members, our lean and mean crew of about 16 people filed into the building around 7:00am today. Once we were in, we were stuck there so as to keep a low profile and not get kicked out. My producer tells me this angry neighbor problem will not continue for the rest of our time here. Hallelujah.

7:30am - While the crew set up our first shot and dressed the room, we held a script and shot list meeting in the wrapped kitchen. Watch us scramble to rewrite the schedule for our day to accommodate pressing time crunches as well as a creative whims!


By 9:00am we were shooting our first scene. The first few of the day were very easy, quick ones, so it felt like progress early. Nothing like some quick gratification to make you feel productive. After directing a few simple scenes with simple coverage, we moved into a scene where I  was in front of the camera. Same drill on the protocol as yesterday. We do a rehearsal, one take, then playback for me to review frame and give myself notes, and then we crank out 3 more takes. Once we moved into coverage for me today, I only participated in the initial framing of the picture, and then plowed through the takes. When needed, Alex gives me the acting adjustments I need.

I was relieved when I was wrapped as an actor for the day at lunch around 1:00pm. I spent the rest of the day directing. As a director I could change back into my comfy, destroyed  jeans and look like sweaty hell as I watched the monitor. Take a look at the video below. You can watch me watch me make a movie!


By 5:00pm, our light in our awesome room was fading, but Zak was on its tail in hot pursuit. The afternoon was a real hustle and thanks to a lot of sweat from the crew and Brad, our AD, we got through the day.

I'm home now. Backup footage is logged. I can't wait to greet my pillow.