Cast Read-Through

Thursday was our day for a cast read-through. We circled up in chairs with our scripts, and plowed through the whole thing from start to finish. Although there were a few actors who couldn't make the event, it was terrific to see the shape of the whole thing and hear it flow out loud.  Everyone was so on point and the on-book performances were easily good enough to capture on film. It's time to get excited. This group is so incredibly talented. We start shooting in one day and I couldn't feel better about the actors playing these roles. Speaking of which, here is the cast list as it stands, with some other additions to come:

  • Harold Blumenthal - Brian Cox
  • Saul Blumenthal - Mark Blum
  • Cheryl Blumenthal - Laila Robins
  • Christina - Mei Meloncon
  • Fiona - Nicole Ansari
  • Lee - Kevin Isola
  • Isaac - Alexander Cendese
  • Emmy - Laura Jordan
  • Orchid - Maureen Sebastian
  • Sadie - Lisa Masters
  • Raphael - Teddy Canez
  • Karen Metzler-Worth -  Robyn Rikoon