This is Crazy

After a whirlwind week of some easy decisions and some extremely tough decisions, Passing Harold Blumenthal is completely cast. It'll be a week or so before all the deals are sealed and we can make an official cast announcement, but we are all very excited by what we found in our auditions. From casting sessions here in NY to audition tapes sent in from across the country, there has been an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm shown for these characters and I believe it will ultimately translate to the screen. Amidst the week of casting, our producers have been hard at work pulling all other aspects of the project together. From refining the schedule to securing more locations to nailing down contracts, there is always plenty to do. We are well past being able to dedicate our time to one single task. Now, everyone is doing everything. This is the thrill/pain-in-the-butt of no-budget filmmaking. Everyone must overextend. Job descriptions must become broader as everyone invests all they have into making something they can be proud of. It's tough, though. While everyone has something to gain by sacrificing a little more than usual, it can wear on you and the morale of your team. The only real consolation is that everyone is in the same boat. We are all battling doubts at this point in pre-production: Will this get done on time? Will finish on schedule? Will this location work out? Can we afford any of this?

When these questions build to the point where you feel like you're drowning in a sea of stress, that's where you have to man up and just get it done. A few months from now, I will be sitting in front of a computer, editing the film and these stresses will be a distant memory. In fact, when we are shooting in two weeks, these stresses will be gone. Never mind that they will have been replaced by a whole new set of obstacles, but that's how it goes. Everything will get done because it has to get done.

This week is sure to be even crazier than the last. There is so much to think about that I literally have to be told where to go next. This Monday, however I will stay put in one place as Zak and I work on our shot list. It's slow-going to be sure, but it's an essential part of creative and logistical planning.  More on that process to come.

Here's to a productive week!