Things Amazing

It's amazing how far this blog has come in only a few months. It's amazing how much support is flowing in via Kickstarter. It's amazing that we are over halfway to our goal only one week into this. It's amazing how family, people from our past, our friends, our friends' friends, and our friends' past friends have all come out of the woodwork to watch us/help us make a movie. It's amazing how quickly my own personal journey has become the journey of many. It's amazing that we scored two awesome locations this week. It's amazing that people I don't know are writing in and asking to be involved on our crew. It's amazing that people are writing in offering their services, homes, and resources. It's amazing I'm writing this while flying in a plane thousands of feet in the air. It's amazing that Kickstarter hasn't done a feature on us yet. It's amazing that any movie gets made ever. It's amazing that something so hard and so completely draining can be so fun. It's amazing that people are willing to get behind a first-timer. It's amazing to do anything on a stage this size. It's amazing that I'm learning how to tweet, sort of. It's amazing to hear the word, "yes". It's amazing that I'm still awake.