Watch Me Fund a Movie!

From its inception, this blog has been geared towards the group effort and collective investment required to make a movie. It seems only appropriate that Passing Harold Blumenthal be financed in that same spirit. After months of research on budgets, project scaling, people, and resources, we have decided to raise the budget for Passing Harold Blumenthal through its already budding audience.

I've been a fan of crowd funding for some time now, and I believe it will be a viable model for independent filmmakers for years to come. To that end, we are utilizing the premiere crowd funding platform, Kickstarter. We have exactly 30 days to get it done, so cross your fingers and tell your friends.

The project page is up and running, so if you want there to be a movie to watch me make, then please donate! Every dollar counts and spreading the word about the project will stretch those dollars even further! Click on the Kickstarter logo above to watch our sweet little video pitch. *Special thanks to Andrew Muscato and all those who helped out!