The Team

The past few weeks have been devoted largely to assembling some key members of the creative team that will be collaborating on Passing Harold Blumenthal. There are still a couple of gaps to fill, but we've managed to land some serious talents on many fronts. In the past two weeks alone, we've secured our casting director, cinematographer, and production designer. There are some other important roles that will be filled as early as this week, but I'll wait on sharing that just yet. At some point, I'll try to devote individual posts to the key members of the crew. If they're game, I may even have them introduce themselves in a guest post As much as I like steering a ship, I truly love the collaborative aspect of filmmaking. Working with others for a common goal and with a common passion is as good as it gets. I'm used to collaborating with friends or other "hired hands" as an actor, but these circumstances are different. In this case, we are able to hand-pick a team of artists and certified bad-asses to join us on the journey. I think the most exciting part is that it's really no longer just my journey, but our journey. Everyone is making an investment of time and craft here to do what they love: make movies.

Although we have yet to raise our full budget, the train is leaving the station. Time is our most precious asset right now, and the more prepared we are by the time we start principal photography, the smoother the shoot will go. Pre-production is underway with preliminary location scouting, production design meetings,  technical considerations, casting, and scheduling.

With all this headway, I'm still looking for a worthy "nuts and bolts" producer. I met with one candidate last week, and a couple more lined up for meetings soon. I'm growing a little worried as I feel like this position should have been filled a while ago already. While a few key players in the project are also involved in a "producer" capacity, I'm looking for someone to assume that role exclusively. Many of the essential things that need doing and delegating can't happen without the experienced know-how of a line-producer/production manager. It's a specific skill set to be able to producer on such an independent level. This individual will be responsible for organizing pre-production, running the set from minute to minute, nailing down contracts, logistics, and planning in general. It's this kind of producer that will keep this machine well-oiled, save us time, and ultimately money. I need one now! I'll keep you updated on that search as it unfolds further.

Big things happening soon. Stay tuned!