Accomplishment Day

Since I first set out on this journey to make my movie,  I've begun every week by looking at my upcoming schedule.  There is always so much to do and the looming tasks always seem daunting. But if I look too far ahead, I'll start focusing on too many different things and nothing will get done. While it can sometimes be tough to prioritize, it's essential that I at least isolate and organize. My daily workload tends to be some varying cocktail of meetings, practical planning, emailing the world, and personal life. Each day has at least one objective, but usually more. One day could be geared towards securing a certain key position on the production team, while another could be crunching numbers on the budget and hatching out a shooting schedule. Whatever it is, things can get blurred. I sometimes finish my day and I feel like rather than having accomplished one significant thing, I've merely made baby-steps on multiple things. Things could a generally forward momentum, but I don't always have something substantial to show for it. Instead, I'll have a whole new crop of tasks ahead of me, or new avenues to pursue old ones. I'm starting to accept this as an acceptable means of progress. After all, one step never feels like a big deal until you turn around and look at how many steps you've taken overall and ultimately, how far you've come.

At the end of a week, one gets slightly more perspective. Suddenly, you can't even remember the massive to-do list you had the week prior. All you can think about it the stress inducing tasks before you. But, we need to look back for minute. Accomplishment is sometimes gradual, and progress is accomplishment in and of itself. The recipe is simple: One day at a time. Push yourself. Pat yourself on the back. And do it again tomorrow. Before you know it, you'll be watching your movie.

I'm zonked. Good night.