Read-Through Review

Despite the sparse blog posts, the past week was incredibly busy and ultimately quite productive. Ironically, the more that's going on for the film, the less time there is to blog about it. I'd like to strike more of a balance with that going forward. I've already begun to look at outsourcing some future blog posts for when things get really crazy.

Last week began with a somewhat impromptu read-through of the script. I'd been wanting to hear it read aloud for some time, but kept putting it off for one reason or another. I was most likely procrastinating out of fear of hearing all the problems, inconsistencies, structural issues, etc., and then having to find time to sit down to fix them. I was especially nervous because I hadn't even looked at the screenplay since I started sending it out three months ago. I was so terrified I'd hear it and decide to scrap the whole project. What if it was awful? What if the pacing was slow? What if the plot was boring? Only one way to find out...

I invited over some actor friends, made a pot of coffee, sat back and listened to them read the screenplay from beginning to end. I took notes as they read and tried generally to get a sense of how things might play on-screen. While I found that some parts might need some polishing, things generally exceeded my expectations. The actors brought layers and color to the characters that I didn't realize were apparent on the page. They even had me laughing at things I hadn't necessarily intended to be funny.

The only things that managed to worry me upon revisiting the script were looming logistics. There are a couple of scenes/locations/props that I am certain will be an expense and/or pain in the butt to orchestrate for the film. I'm not making any cuts yet, but some scenes may have to be re-worked to suit what resources I actually have and not those that I wish I had. Speaking of which, does anyone out there have a huge empty theatre I can shoot in? Or maybe an acupuncturist I could borrow for a few hours? Anyone?

So, while I do have some writing work ahead of me before we go into production. I am pleased to report that the story has held up well. For the most part, at least. I found that it is in no need of repair, but rather could benefit from a few additions and integrations. No urgency, though. The script presents itself well as is, and I'll circle back to the writing in a few weeks time.