Branding Harold Blumenthal

In addition to sharing the experience of getting my film made, Watch Me Make a Movie is (hopefully) helping me build a grass roots audience for the film when it's finally released. It's never too early to promote your film, whether promoting the process or the product. To that end, I have been working  to do some preliminary PR for Passing Harold Blumenthal. First, I conceived an idea for a simple way to brand the project. Just a logo for now. I wanted a simple image paired with the title, but also wanted to capture some of the films tone. Initially, I thought I would utilize a friendly contact in the design world to help me achieve this on the cheap. But, while going through the motions of getting together a design concept to show them what I wanted, I realized I had already made the logo myself. A little more "indie" than planned, but certainly cheap labor. Let me know what you think!

Additionally, I purchased the domain Thank goodness no one had taken that domain already, otherwise I would have had to settle for my backup title: I jest. Nothing is up on the site but a place holder for now. As pre-production gets underway in the next couple months, the site will be further fleshed out.

Why not just use the blog to promote the film? Well, in addition to having a tell-all account of the movie-making process, I think it's important to put on a good face. The site will be that face. The only information one will able to get there is how awesome this movie will be. You'll have to come here to Watch Me Make A Movie to get all the nitty-gritty truth!