Every Friday, I find myself shocked at how quickly the week has gone by. This Friday is no different. At first glance, I couldn't possibly have accomplished all that I set out to do. I had a big list of things I needed to do for the film at the beginning of the week and I have pretty much the same list sitting before me now.

I'm going to go ahead and give myself a little credit in that 1) I make big lists, 2) All these tasks are not the overnight solution kind of tasks, they take time, and 3) What do you care? I have nothing to prove!

Upon closer reflection of the week gone by, I have managed to make some terrific headway in the Pre-pre-production of Passing Harold Blumenthal. Although some doors of potential opportunity closed this week, I managed to open some new and arguably more exciting doors. Some casting is beginning to come together, and I have also recruited a very willing/enthusiastic/capable friend to help network and get my film produced. That support alone has already helped me cast a wider net and delegate some of my own to-do list.

Here's roughly where I stand after this week's efforts:

1) Still pursuing funds, but have some new and exciting leads.

2) I've begun to look at the idea of branding he film a bit. Logo and title art are in the works as well as a website.

3) A particularly awesome actor is now attached to play a major character in the film. I'll wait on revealing that until it's official, but I'll be interested to see how this actor's association with the project affects the rest of casting and the overall offering to investors.

4) Shoestring planning is underway. From script breakdown to scheduling, I'm taking an early look at the nuts and bolts of putting this film together myself.

Not bad for a week's worth of film work. Now, I can look forward to a weekend of delicious food, a Superbowl, and going through rolls of recently processed Kodachrome.

Happy Friday!