Butch Cassidy

The Sundance Film Festival has just ended. Seeing as I did not have a movie at the festival, I didn't even consider going out there. Closer to the date however, I wondered if I ought to.

Ultimately, I chose not to go. Although I was not at the festival this year, Passing Harold Blumenthal most definitely was. To my surprise, in the weeks leading up to Sundance, I met with several different people about my film, all who were heading to Park City for the week. These five or six people have shown a keen interest in my film, and volunteered to share it with others at Sundance. On the one hand, it would have been nice to be able to represent the film myself and collect some business cards. But as a colleague pointed out, there is something to be said for a third-party hyping the script without me present. There is also probably something more authentic about that introduction to the film.

All said, I have no regrets for not being there as I was using the week to grab a week of warm, sunny vacation! I also had very few people to meet with as most were focused on Sundance. Now that everyone is back, they can focus on me and Passing Harold Blumenthal! I'll keep updating on meetings and such, but will also be turning to the creative side of things again. Regardless of how this film gets made, there are some critical creative steps that I must take as a director to fully realize what I'm after.

More to come...