Speed Dating Harold Blumenthal

This past week has been a productive one. I had some great meetings with a few different people, some of whom may or may not become part of Passing Harold Blumenthal down the road. I also established a few new contacts with some producers, executive producers, and production companies. These introductions came from a range of likely and unlikely places, from in-person meetings to strangers reading this blog! As I mentioned in my 'Meetings Abound' post, developing new leads is essential. It has become such a large part of my trajectory in making this movie that I have to make an effort to track it. My initial list of contacts that I sent the screenplay to was about six to eight people. Two weeks later, I am now in touch with over twenty individuals and have had meetings with many of them.

All of them have differing relevance to me, but all are invaluable. The order of events is dizzying and yet fun to track. Kind of like speed dating. For instance, I could meet one filmmaker to get fundraising advice and find no help whatsoever. But that filmmaker may give me the contact info of a producer worth talking to. I'll reach out to that producer who agrees to meet me for coffee. Over coffee, I may learn that the producer doesn't even know the filmmaker that introduced me in the first place! The good news is, we are happy to meet each other and in addition to any relevant advice or feedback on the script, the producer will offer to make two more introductions and request permission to share my screenplay with a few other industry people who may be interested. Hopefully, next week's meetings will be with people who I don't even know about yet. Fresh meat!

Now, it's to be expected that most of these leads may be dead ends in terms of financing. But I have a hunch I will benefit from any and all rabbit holes. Through all these conversations, I'm learning a great deal about how I want to make my film. From logistics to the creative team and artistic vision, I'm becoming more and more certain of how I want this all to come together. I am discovering what kind of key personnel I want to work with, which actors I want on-board, and getting a clearer picture of  what I want this movie to be.

Forgive me for not being more specific on who I am/have been meeting with. As things begin to take shape, I will revisit much of this stage in the moviemaking process and give a thorough breakdown of the journey. For now, suffice it to say that every meeting is worth taking, even when seemingly irrelevant. If nothing else, I am building more followers of Watch Me Make a Movie and, of course, building an eagerly-awaiting audience for my film, Passing Harold Blumenthal.