The Secrets to My Success

It's somewhat strange to shift so suddenly from the writing process to the fundraising/budgeting process. Writing for me is  a cozy, creative process (mostly). Now, I have to move from that solitary world to the reality of getting a film made and all that that entails. For the time being, I am my own producer and working on my own. Consequently, I have begun to think of my film simply as a product and go through all the standard practices of manufacturing that product. I'll try to devote separate posts to all the specific tasks ahead of me, but for now these are the things heaped on the writer/director/PRODUCER's plate. Some of these tasks are behind me, but they are part of an ongoing process.

1. Developing a Business Plan/Pitch- Sell the investment.

2. Forming an Entity - The movie is not the filmmaker.

3. Budget - There may be a few versions of this.

4. Preliminary Casting - Form ideas for talent that will attract others.

There are a wealth of other minutia in there as well. But that's the general idea of what a rude awakening the business part of getting a film made can be. I'm sure this sounds like fun to some more business-inclined people. Personally, I can't wait till I have an opportunity to return to the creative part!