Up Next

Lots of exciting things on the horizon for the movie in the next couple months. With the script in a presentable place, there are a few next steps that I am gearing up for. Each item on the to-do list will have dedicated posts as things progress. I'll be sure to give you all the details and hurdles, too.

First, I will schedule a table-read of the screenplay. It will be great to hear the movie from top to bottom, as well as give me a chance to really visualize the whole thing as a cohesive experience. I'd like to get some of the actors  I've written roles for to do the reading, though it is certainly not a must. I may even benefit from hearing things from voices other than those I had in mind while writing. After the reading, there will most likely be some more revisions, though not immediately.

Also on the plate is some rudimentary budgeting. As I mentioned in an earlier post on scale, there is a target budget for fundraising as well as a "no one will help me" budget. I've already begun to look at both these budgets. The experience is equal parts exciting and daunting.

I'll also be talking to a couple different producers in the next few weeks.

Camera tests and cinematography discussions are also in the pipeline. While I am nowhere near deciding on what camera or media I'll be filming with, the visual discussion with my Director of Photography will begin shortly. Maybe I'll get him to do a guest post on the blog, too.

Some of this will have to wait till after the holidays because everyone is so damn busy.  This next week, I will be printing a new draft that will become the draft for a while.

Happy Holidays!