What was I thinking? (Revisions and Inertia)

Brief Note - I have been surprised at how many of you are tuning in to Watch Me Make a Movie. I was not certain of any expectations when starting this blog a few weeks ago, but I am getting all sorts of signs that this is worthwhile. Thanks to everyone for reading. Please feel free to leave comments or email me directly if you ever want to chime in, give some of your own perspective, or ask questions. I love you peoples. Onto the post...

I have no real deadlines here beyond the ones I set for myself. I could easily work on this screenplay for many more months and then take even longer to get the funding, actors, and trimmings that would make this movie "perfect". The trouble is, by that point I would probably have lost all interest in this story.

I definitely benefit from taking time away from a script and then coming back to it with a fresh eye. But I could really do that forever; changing and revising. I find that the first stuff I wrote gets old the quickest, and by the time I've revised all of that, I am looking at the latter-written parts and, all of a sudden, they too look tired. And so goes the cycle.

Things have to keep moving forward in this process. If the progress stops, this project dies and the movie is never made. Yes, there is a great deal of thought, calculation and planning that should go into something like this, but the spirit of good filmmaking, I think, lies in a certain spontaneity. Some degree of impulsiveness is what lights a fire and gets things done. At least that's true for me. It's like sitting on the couch with friends and someone having the great idea to go to the grocery store, buy lots of food and drink and inviting everyone you know to come over for a barbecue. It's a great idea, but if no one gets off the damn couch within the next ten minutes, you'll all just end up sitting there for the rest of the night watching bad TV.  Unfortunately, this is also true of bad ideas, like streaking or robbing a bank.

This round of revisions will be it  for a while. Onwards and upwards.