Personal Question: "How Long?"

I keep reading about these screenwriters, both big-time and small-time, who rapidly scratch out their cinematic opus in a couple of weeks or even a couple of days. I like to comfort myself by insisting that these screenplays must be awful and couldn't possibly be any good, having been written so quickly and thoughtlessly. Of course that's not necessarily the case. The reality is, I can't write like that. I can't really do anything like that. I write something, then I delete it, I rewrite it, delete it, rewrite it again, read it, hate it, read it again, like it, like it so much I tell my wife all about it and in the process realize I actually hate it, and start from scratch.  And so on. Thus far, this writing method has served me well. I find that the more I scrutinize the text early on, the more specific things will be for the actors, cinematographer, audience, and even myself on set.

So, how long did it take me? To get to a cohesive Rough/First Draft, it took me a about six weeks of work. Ish.