Caring is Sharing

Last week I sent a draft of the script to a few specific people to read. Not really because I value their opinions (coincidentally, I do), but because I feel I can gauge their responses to things, see how it hits them, and confirm whether or not what I intended to write actually ended up on the page. Even as I read through the script before sending it around, I made a bunch of major notes of things I wanted to change or develop within the story. But in the interest of time, I decided to send it off before rewriting more. So, each time I'd send a draft to someone, I'd send an accompanying email shamelessly disclaiming that much of it will change. I'm sure it read more like, "If you don't like this, this isn't really what I'm going to film. It will be something much cooler and this is just an exercise. It's dumb, forget I ever showed you this."

The reality is, I love it and think it's great, even if I shot this thing tomorrow. But I want it to get better, I want to stretch it beyond whatever I think it could be. For me to do that, I have to share it.

The responses have all been very positive, and I am extremely encouraged. Great! Let's make a movie!